DIY – From Headbands to Hairbows

Do you want to know how to make those hairbows you see celebrities wearing in the magazines? Try this headband to hairbow DIY.

Step 1.  Get scissors, a headband, hot glue gun and a hair clip.

Step 2. Cut the headband into the size you want your bow to be.

Step 3. Hot glue the part you cut into a circle to look like a smaller headband.

Step 4. Pinch it together in the middle.

Step 5. Take the part of the headband that you cut off and didn’t use. Cut it in half vertically. Tie it around the middle of the bow in a knot where you were pinching.

Step 6. Add the clip on the back through the knot you tied.

Clip it in your hair behind a bun or in a half up half down and it is easy as that!

Have a fabulous and fashionable day!



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