DIY Halloween Costumes


Jack in the Box Costume –

You will need:

  • a fun colorful shirt
  • black leggings
  • bright shoes
  • a fun hair accessory
  • a box
  • black spray paint
  • checkered scrapbook paper
  • red letters
  • ribbon
  • hot glue
  • sparkles


  • Spray paint a box of your choice that will fit around you black.
  • Cut to fit the checkered scrapbook paper to fit on the box.
  • Glue the paper on the box.
  • Glue on the red letters saying – “Jack in the Box”
  • Add ribbon like suspenders and hot glue inside the box from the back to the front.
  • Add some sparkles and you are done!

Make-up and Hair:

  • Put your hair in pig tails and curl the pig tails.
  • Put your fun hair accessory in – small hat, ribbons on your pig tails etc . . .
  • For the make-up light gold eye shadow with a black cat eye, red lipstick and a lot of blush.


Greek Goddess Costume –

You will need:

  • white long sleeve shirt
  • gold fabric of your choice – about 4 inches wide and able to criss cross around your upper torso
  • long white skirt of your choice
  • gold head band to go across your forehead
  • stick on gold jewels

Hair and make-up:

  • For your hair – part your hair in the middle. Take random pieces and curl with curling iron.
  • Put your headband on across your forehead.
  • For make-up – gold smokey eye with black eyeliner and stick on gold jewels and put them on the corner of  your eyes. Use a shimmery bronzer for your face.






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