12 Days of Christmas- Day 1

12 days X-mas


Day 1  – My first present is arm candy (bracelets)!

I think this is a great gift because you can get many different kinds of bracelets and then the  person you give them to can mix and match with their own bracelets. There is no rhyme or reason to picking them, but I go for bracelets with the same colors scheme or look. Right now, mixing gold and silver is in, as well as sideways crosses and lots of shine!

Click the links below to find out where you can get these bracelets to create your arm candy.

  1. Rhinestone Cross
  2. Feather bracelet  
  3. Hamsa Hand bracelet
  4. Bow bracelet
  5. Crystal Ball bracelet
  6. Heart charm
  7. Set of Three 

Have a fashionable and fabulous day!



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