Are You A Smart Shopper?


Are you a smart shopper? I used to hate Forever 21 because it was crazy town inside and it just stressed me out, but i’m starting to like it more and more using some of the following smart shopper tips.

1.) It always helps me to have an idea of what I’m looking for or what I need. Knowing what you are looking for helps by just getting what you need and not getting distracted. Also it helps with not buying more than you need.

2.)Don’t be an” A.D.D. shopper”. An “A.D.D. shopper” gets distracted a lot while shopping.  I know that I am also guilty of doing this; therefore I try to finish looking at whatever I’m looking at before I move on. I know it’s hard because sometimes something just catches you’re eye, but unless there is a super clearance sale with a mob of people, most likely it will still be there in 2 minutes.  So, finish what you’re looking at and then go check the next thing out.

3.)Give yourself a limit. If your like me you just go shopping to go shopping most of the time, therefore I like to give myself a limit. Giving myself a limit of how much to spend keeps me from spending all my money on one shopping trip. For example, if I am just going to the mall for some fun items, I will most likely give myself a $20 limit.

4.)Always try your clothes on before you buy them. We have all made the mistake of just buying something without trying it on and when you get home it looks horrible on your body. To prevent this, try everything on before you buy it. You never know if a color looks bad on you or if it doesn’t complement your body.

5.) I definitely think this is the most important rule, I like to call it the “should I buy it or not” rule. Don’t buy something just to buy something. Ask yourself where will I wear this? Do I love it, not just like it? How many times will I wear it? What will I wear it with? After asking yourself these questions, you should figure out if it’s a smart buy or not.

Have fun and good luck shopping!

Have a fashionable and fabulous day,



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