Blazing Beach Bag Essentials

Summer is here and I’m sure many of you are going to the beach or pool. Here are some of my Blazing Beach Bag Essentials.

Blazing Beach Bag Essentials

First you are going to need a hat! A simple baseball hat is always cute and protects from the sun very well. If you want to be more trendy, then go for a cute fedora. Fedoras go with almost any style of bathing suits and beach wear.

Blazing Beach Bag Essentials

Sunglasses have been my best friends this whole summer! They are such a fun accessories and make any outfit look a little more stylish! There are many different kinds of sunglasses, so experiment and have fun.
IMG_4747Sunscreen is super important if you want to keep your skin happy, healthy and not burnt! Australian Gold works very well for my skin and doesn’t cause my skin to break-out like most sun screens do. Also L’oreal”s sun screen works very well with my skin! Just try some out and find one that’s best for you.


Lastly, you will need a fun and interesting magazine! Obviously mine are going to be fashion and beauty magazines! You have to have something to do when you’re at the beach or the pool!

I would love to see some of your Blazing Beach Bag Essentials so you can hashtag them on Instagram with #BlazingBeachBagEssentials or #stylesbysky my Instagram is @stylesbysky

Have a fabulous and fashionable day!




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