Throwback Thursday – My Love for Sunglasses


What’s up!!!! I hope you all are having a wonderful day.

                   Today I’m throwing it back! I have always had a love for sunglasses, but until recently I didn’t realize how much I really loved them!

As a baby, I didn’t have much control of what I was wearing, so I guess my family thought it was cute for me to wear sunglasses and at some point I must have decided I loved them because I wore them all of the time! Once I became old enough to talk, I was determined to dress myself and pick out my outfits and they often included my sunnies! I always wore them.

Then comes what I like to call my awkward phase, 4th and 5th grade…. I wore zebra knee-high socks and bows on the top of my head that matched my outfit (I looked like mini mouse). I also decided that I would get sunglasses at forever 21, one problem, my face was tiny and the sunglasses where basically the size of my head!

I still have the same amount of love towards my sunnies as I did when I was little and they always add to any outfit!


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Pintrest- skylar-stylesbysky

Have a Fabulous and Fashionable Day!


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