Jewelry 101

Jewelry 101

I know how hard it can be to find the perfect necklace or bracelets, but it’s really easy to create your own.

Jewelry 101 1

 To create a stretchy beaded bracelet follow the steps below :

1.)  You will need stretch cord and beads of your choice.

2.) Cut your cord about an inch and a half longer then the length of your wrist. Then tie a knot at the bottom and string your beads on.

3.) Lastly, tie both ends together.

Jewelry 101 2

To create a chain necklace follow the steps below :

1.) You will need a chain and something to put on the chain… be creative, I chose an antique broach.

2.) Now you will use pliers and attach the chain together and also making it the size you want.

3.) Lastly, you will attach your chosen piece, mine being the broach.

 – feel free to be creative and experiment! Not everything works exactly, therefore you might need to use your creativity!  Knowing you can make your perfect piece of jewelry has helped me and I hope it will help you too!

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Have a Fabulous and Fashionable Day!


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