Love Your Long Locks

Love your long locks1 Love your long locks2 Love your long locks3

Lately I have been asked  a lot “What can I do to make my hair grow faster”.  Well I’m gonna share with you all my tips!

Drop the HeatDROP THE HEAT!!!!

There  is so much you can do with out heat! Let your hair air dry…. embraces your lovely natural hair. learn how to get your hair to dry straight, curly or  beachy.  Instead of blow-drying your hair then straightening it try learning hoe to blow-dry your hair straight. Check out my pintrest for a bunch of ideas.


The more natural shampoo the better… Instead of stripping away all the natural oils that help your hair grow, the more natural shampoo will help keep those in. Therefore use shampoo without sulfates.


The longer in between washing your hair you can wait the better. It will again help keep the natural oils in your hair! Use dry shampoo or baby powder to help it from looking greasy in between washes. * still take showers but you just don’t have to was your hair everyday.


  • keep your hair hydrated
  • get hair cuts regularly
  • use heat protector
  • use a comb when your hair is wet

Just remember love your hair and give it time, it will grow!

Youtube -Stylesbysky
Twitter_ @stylesbysky
Pintrest- skylar-stylesbysky

Have a Fabulous and Fashionable Day!


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