Start the New Year with a New Mascara

Hi everybody! During the holidays Sephora has a gift set of mascara samples… they are all of there big name brands. I decided to test and review them to see if there was one I liked.



1.Sephora mascara- Liked the brush, made my eyelashes look natural but full, the brush was wonderful.

2. Too Faced better then sex- The brush allows to much mascara to gather creating a clumpy mess and it’s also hard to get off.

3.Tarte flashes- The brush is good but it didn’t create much flair. Flashes is the name and there wasn’t much flash. On a positive side it was very natural.

4.Baby Doll- LOVED IT!!! The mascarra created long and natural looking lashes. Not too clumpy and the brush was skinny brissles which allowed it to be evenly applied to my lashes. Made them look big and fab!!!

5. Blinc mascara- I liked the brush but the actual mascara did not do much. Natural look with spreading the lashes.

6. Hypenose Drama- Made my lashes long but the brush made it a little clumpy. The brushes shape is odd. When it goes on eye it made lashes look longer and I liked the actual mascara.

7. Benifit they’re real!- The brush makes each eyelash separate. I like it but maybe the brush I would switch it. The tip of the brush was different. I like it. Just the brush was weird.

8. BUXOM Lash- I liked this one. Makes them long and creates thick lashes without clumpy. The brush it was okay. Really like the way it looks.

9. Make Up Forever- Looks nice but the brush kept getting the mascara on the corner of my eye. I like how the lashes looked. It expanded my eyelashes and I liked it. But brush takes some time to get used to.

10.Clinique-I like this one. I like the brush and it got to every lash. And it made my lashes fuller. Didn’t add a lot and didn’t fell heavy Loved it!

After this super fun experiment I have picked my favs…
1st- Baby Doll
2nd- Sephora
3rd- Clinique

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Have a Fabulous and Fashionable Day!


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