Hair Chalking

Hair chalk

It’s officially spring and I so excited! I wanted something to brighten my day just a little and make me feel springy… So I broke out the hair chalk. This summer, hair chalking was pretty big, but I had trouble getting it to look the way I wanted it to.

Hair Chalk

To start you will need:

Pastel chalk – not oil pastels, because they will stain your hair, just pastel chalk which you can find in the art section of your local craft store.

Water – In a cup or spray bottle. I prefer a cup, it’s easier to work with.

Heat Source – A straightener, curling iron or crimper, depending on what look you’re going for.

Hair chalk

Step One: Pick the portion of your hair that you would like to color … then get that section wet with your water.

Step Two: With your chalk, color your hair. Make sure to go down and not go up or sideways because it will make your hair supper tangled.

Step Three: Seal with your heat source. I used a flat-iron today, but you could use a curling iron or crimper.  It just seals the chalk so it doesn’t come off on your clothes.

Tip – your hair will feel very dry so I recommend rubbing some “leave in” conditioner or hair moisturizer after you chalk it and let it dry. This is optional so it will work without it just as well.

Hair chalk


Have a fabulous and fashionable day!



2 thoughts on “Hair Chalking

    • I haven’t tried using oil pastels but I have heard that they will stain your hair therefor I wouldn’t recommend them! But I know for a fact chalk pastels come out when you wash them and they are like 10 to 15 bucks at your local craft store!!:)

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